Thursday, May 19, 2011

Advantages and Disadvantages of the SMART board

      The SMART board can be a great tool to use in the classroom but it can also be overused too. The SMART board is great to project things from the web for children to learn or participate with. It is also a great tool to project lessons or worksheets that the students are working on. When the students are working on a worksheet such as a fill in the blank for vocabulary the teacher can project the worksheet on the screen and fill in the blanks with the students. This may be easier for some students to follow along with then just writing the answers on the regular white board. Although SMART boards can sometimes be overused I think it is always good to split up the technology that the teacher is using. Sometimes teachers can use too much technology, in which some students might not learn as well with too much technology. I think it would be good to use the regular board for writing specific lessons on such as spelling words, etc. When the SMART board is used I think it is good for the students to participate with it, to come up and write their answers on the board even though sometimes it can hold up a delay from technical issues and having to restart the program a couple times but it teaches the student how to use technology. The SMART board would also be great to project educational games from the web for the whole class to participate with instead of getting on their own individual computer if they are not available. There are a lot of fun games that can go with any lesson that can be fun and exciting for the students but also very educational and I think the students would really enjoy using the SMART board for such activities!

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